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  • BargainMatch discreetly alerts you when you shop online at a store that offers cash back!
  • It also shows you the available coupons for that store-no more endless searching!
  • Every time you search, BargainMatch will indicate what stores are eligible for cash back, right in your search results!
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Here's How it Works

  • Search
    Compare Prices: Use the search box to search for products and stores. Get even better prices by stacking cash back and coupons.
  • Shop
    Purchase: When you buy from the retailer (say Nordstrom or Target) through this site or our app, they let us know and we credit your account with cash back
  • Redeem
    Earn: After you've earned your cash back, you can request a payment via check or Paypal.**

Works at your favorite stores!

  • BUY.com3% cash back
  • DSW6% cash back
  • Wwalmart2% cash back
  • Choice Hotel4% cash back
  • JCPenny2% cash back
  • Petco4% cash back
  • Macys7% cash back
  • QVC3% cash back
  • Softpedia
  • CNET
  • FireFox
  • Tucows
  • Yahoo
  • 100% Free
  • No Spyware
Here's the (not so fine) print: * Earn $5 upon download; * $5 on first purchase within 30 days of install. ** No info required to use, but we do need it to pay you :).